Vietnamese Squat

vietsquat2The rural Vietnamese did not sit with their butt on the ground as we Americans did. From a standing position they lowered their butts close to the ground while keeping their feet flat on the ground, their torso leaning slightly forward. Women in a gossip circle looked like they were going to take a community crap as they talked.

I was uncomfortable sitting this way; I had to stand-up after a few moments as I could not take the pait in my thigh’s. No American I knew could get comfortable sitting this way but then no one really tried, unless goaded by others.

I tried squatting while filling sandbags with Vic Cooper but that posture did not feel good or relaxing. I needed two or three stacked sandbags to plop my butt on while holding bags as my partner shoveled in dirt. In base camp, Vietnamese women were hired to fill sandbags from a dirt pile. A circle of them worked eight hours in their squatted position, laughing and spitting betel nut juice. They were glad to have the job and were paid about $5 per day, about what the Army was paying me for 24 hours. I did get free room and board, while those women did not.


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