Randy Barnes – Letter #47 – July 27, 1969

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Dear Solly & Carla,

27 JULY – Sun

Sure wish you’d write as it has been awhile. Also I’m coming home soon.

I wrote Bob N. a long letter about all details but I’ll fill you in on a few. (call him)

I got my orders & my ticket home already. I leave the 17th of Aug. (20 days from now) and arrive in S.F. only 2 hours later due to time difference – I’m so excited – Guess Bob and BAN are going to meet me – wish you could both come.

I read in newspapers that Larry Reibstein got married & is living in S.F. Please do me a favor Rich – get ahold of A. Miller, J. Roper, or B. Feld and find out Larry’s address, and/or Dick Abrams – Please do so & let me know soon, as I’ll be leaving this address in about 16 days – By the time you get this you’ll only have about 11 days at the outside –

Please do this, as I really want to look those guys up. THANKS!

How was Bob’s annual B-D Party? He sent me an “invite” but haven’t heard how it turned out.

I’m so excited. All I can think about is coming home – like a kid waiting for Xmas.

Rich I’ve made so many plans – school, booze, parties etc.

This F-Ball season & Xmas will be the greatest.

Can’t Wait.

Hope you have a big party planned for when I get home.

Will be in K.C. no later than the 27th.

Please write soon


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