Randy Barnes – Letter #37 -May 24, 1969

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Dear Solly & Carla,

24 MAY – Sat.

Just a short note. I was listening to the radio and what I heard gave me a real case of homesickness. It was “Kites Are Fun” by the FREE Design. Brought back good K.C. memories – Xmas time – 100 West etc. – But I’m getting so homesick – Solly, have you ever heard any other records by F.- D.?

Damn – only 84 days but seems like a life-time.

Want to ask questions about things I’ve read in “Capital” – What favorite K.U. hangout burned down? About 2 or 3 weeks ago there was big picket lines in K.C. at Safeway stores – Boycott Grapes – was Paul, you or any of the gang there?

Write tell me any old gossip – NOBODY WRITES – Tell me about K.C. – I miss home so much.

Things still happening but don’t want to talk – Two Friends killed by rocket – Saw what was left of bodies PUKE! Don’t feel right.

Am getting ready to order Stereo components – What an outfit I’ll have

Still unsure of future – probably GM & finish school – FUCK IT.

Gonna drink, eat, & fuck – take hot baths

Get Bob & BAN to write – Paul – Goose people. Everyone –

This Xmas Let’s buy 2 cases of Taylor’s??

Your Dear Friend


PS The light still works

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