Randy Barnes – Letter #17 – Jan. 13,1969

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Dear Mom, Howard, & Val

MON – 13 Jan ’69

Just a note to let you all know I’m fine.

I got the Tape Sat. Since I moved out to B BTRY my mail was delayed. Also got about 4 letters from you.

The Tape was great. I got a big kick out of it & Luke telling me to keep other “things” down.

Actually Mike sounded the least nervous of all of you. It was great to hear everyone’s voice. I’m sorry you had a extra share of TURKEY left. Verta really did have an attack of emotions didn’t she? Well, it makes me feel more missed.

Don’t know how much I told you in the last letter.

I’m at B BTRY, base camp at CU CHI. I’m the BTRY Medic. I have my own small Aid Station about the size of the main bedroom. We have Dusters all over the 3rd Corps area, at different Fire Support Bases (FSB). I usually stay here at base camp, but about twice a month I fly by Chopper out to the FSB’s to give shots, check on Food & health of men etc. My first Chopper ride was kind of SPOOKY. Just like being on a Flying carpet. I must get some pictures of the landscape from a chopper. It looks like a huge chess board where the B-52’s & Artillery have blasted holes in the jungle.

Some of the places I’ve been are: Dau Tien Tieng, Tay Ninh, Rock Crusher Mountain, FSB Rita, & FSB Crockett. Also went on a convoy to Tay Ninh. Got Shot at in the Chopper close to Tay Ninh but missed a mile – Not really sure they were shooting at us – we were up so high.

Tell the gun buffs (Howard, Bill, & the O’Dells) that we have several “Chi Com” weapons here that were picked up in the field. An AK-47 being most impressive.

We’ve been hit with rockets or mortars 3 times. But since they are shooting at a Chopper Pad about 5 blocks from here, we seldom get any in our immediate area. Still, they make a hell-ova-racket when they’ re coming in. Can’t sleep to well when that happens.

I’m in fine spirits & am relatively safe. Probably more so than at HQ, except when I go up in the choppers but everyone has a little danger.

Don’t forget to have newspapers sent to my new address.

I send you all my Love


PS Got a letter from Bill

PPS Was great talking with you Mom. I was in Saigon on my way to Battalion HQ. Stopped at the USO there to call.

Don’t need those other white Levis & am wanting for nothing.

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