Randy Barnes – Letter #12 – Dec. 11, 1968

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Dear Mom, Howard, Val, Bill & Fam

Wed, Dec 11

Just a note to let you know all is okay. It’s getting hotter & dustier – Dust everywhere – When it blows you can’t see. We now have dust goggles.

War is close but far away – V.C. hit all around us last 3 nights Haven’t hardly slept for a week – Full alert everynight – But – nothing has hit here – Don’t really expect cause nothing here they want – But we’re ready in case – This place is better fortified than Ft. Knox.

Worked today putting out extra claymore mines & booby-trapping the wire around the camp.

VC mortared 1/2 ? down the road last night – But nothing here.

Road is rough due to motor holes ? – I travel only in Day Time – “Charlie” sleeps during the day –

Bill’s tree is up & got presents under it. Received all of your packages mom – THANK YOU MUCHLY

Choppers are overhead tonight LOVE THOSE CHOPPERS.


All my Love


PS Got Val and your Xmas cards mom & Lil & Jean’s – Thank you all & a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS – will write Bill soon

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