This shower is constructed using 105mm artillery ammo boxes that we emptied each day to supply shells for our howitzers. Each box held two rounds in fiber tubes and we opened a minimum of 300 per day and operated 24/7. A relentless supply of waste had to be dealt with and the shower was one of the useful creations from that trash. Most waste was burned. Each box had two hinges and a front clasp, plus screws and nails that did not burn and for which we had no use. Because the Vietnamese were lacking in raw materials and so good at making something from nothing, we had to ship that hardware back to base camp.

The start of a bunker, on the right, is an example of another use for ammo boxes, a substitute for sandbags. They were filled with sand and used as the first layer of a bunker roof and provided some side wall protection. They did not form as solid a barrier as sandbags did.

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