Second Use

Getting or staying “Army clean and dressed” was difficult. The wood cabinet that sits slightly left of center in the picture was a aid in keeping up personnel hygiene, such as shaving and tooth brushing. Metal mirrors were hung on the rear plate and the bench-like flat top held our small plastic bowls of water for tooth brushing, shaving and at times, bathing. Several “hygiene stations” were located around the fire support base. FSB Buell III was built on sand near a road. We could drive a truck hauling a water trailer to the water supply point and back in a few hours, thus we had plenty of water for showers also. We improved Buell III for nearly a month and had the most comfortable FSB we would occupy during my 32,000,000 second tour. We then moved to several bases that were much more primitive. After bitching about conditions while at Buell, months later we wished we could return.

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