Peanuts in Vietnam

This is amazing. A musical play in Vietnam? Charles M. Schultz’s work turned into a musical play? Who was the Armed Forces Theatre Vietnam? So on November Sunday 9 at 1930 hours, at Ton Son Nhut Theatre #4 I could see the Grand Opening of the musical “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” based on the comic strip “Peanuts”. What a winning war strategy! Sorry Charlie.

Roger was waiting to leave on his R&R in Sydney when an Air Force enlisted man began handing out these tickets. Roger took this one and his remark after reading it was; “my mates are sleeping in mud living on C-Rations packaged in 1943, less than 30 miles away at this moment, and the Air Force is putting on live plays! I wonder what is playing at TSN theaters #1, #2 and #3? Next war I am going Air Force” . Chris rogers that.

I got this note from Rick Holton when I posted this on Facebook. Thanks Rick.

Rick Holen That was a Command Military Touring show put out by Army Special Services in Vietnam. I toured with a CMTS unit performing a production of the “Fantasticks” a small musical. Between l966 and l972 there were a 114 shows that went out. Rock Bands, Folk Bands, Soul Bands, Country Bands and some theatre productions. There were 284 performers that tour with this units. They were all GIs and some women also toured with this units. GIs would try out in Saigon and if they made the grade they were taken out of their units and sent out all over Vietnam, where the Bob Hope show couldn’t go. We played all the field hospitals and many fireballs all over Vietnam. Some units were taken out to Navy ships and toured all four corps in country. Check out the web site. VCMTS.Com.

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