Mr. Clean


Sgt. Pierce is cleaning with a small amount of water in a pan. He left himself open to some smart ass taking a picture and saving it for future viewing. For men in the battery, this is the way they shaved, brushed their teeth, and bathed most days of the year. FDC had a shower bag for all of my tour but few other subunits of the battery had one. What strikes me about this picture is it looks like Pierce is standing in the middle of the base. The Army made sure we shaved each day except under the worst circumstances but I see no place for Sgt. Pierce to use a mirror. We existed like cavemen although cavemen did not have C-rations or helicopters and lived with women.

The dirt is dark with a petroleum-based soil binder intended to keep dust in its place on the ground. It worked but driving on it was like ice-skating and it clung to the soles of boots when walking atop it.


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