Moving Day

Ken Frasier driving and Wille Hicks on the M-60 as we move to a new location, FSB Crook. The second (gun) section truck is packed, and ready to hook on the gun. It is a lot of work getting to this point, and the day is just started. Soon the battery will convoy to this new site. The road will have been swept for mines, but there is no guarantee that they found everything, or that there won’t be an ambush, or sniper fire. Every member of the gun crew will have his M-16 at hand in case of trouble. The towed howitzer itself can be made ready to fire by two men in just seconds. To this end some beehive rounds (ammunition that contains thousands of little ‘Fleshettes’ ) are keep just inside the back tailgate, ready to be loaded into the cannon and fired point blank at the enemy. It’s like firing a giant shotgun, very effective!

As far as I remember everything went smoothly on our move. We bumped along roads meant for oxcarts, and in less than an hour we were at our new location, a field intended to be Fire Support Base Crook. The location was just brush, with a few stakes stuck in the ground to show where we should park our gun. One of our gun crew would have gone ahead to help guide our truck to the right spot. Ken Frazier is the driver, Willie Hicks on the M-60 machine gun.

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