Moon Rocket

The strangest attack was the enemy leaving ammunition, signs and banners, and some literature from American POWs. At first light we could see the signs and banners partially surrounding FSB Washington. The infantry company commander had them taken down and I took these pictures and some POW literature. I will post those in the future. The guards had been asleep and mistrust between artillery and infantry began.

The enemy fought with so little material that leaving unused ammunition was pure psychological warfare. The shells had probably been hand carried from North Vietnam down the Ho Chi Minh Trail in a trip that took many weeks. Most infantry operations were to locate and capture things like these so leaving them as a gift was a signal.

The 2 sharpened poles on the right held up a banner in excess of 12 feet that can be seen at The picture title on John Clark’s website is “left outside the wire at FSB Washington by gooks”. Gook is a derogatory title we bestowed on most Vietnamese. Read the full story.

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