The lenses in my glasses must have been stolen from a Coke bottle factory!

I weighed 205 pounds when I arrived in Vietnam and most of me was muscle with some fat.  I returned home at 145 pounds with no visible fat, but within a week my weight was on the rise. Custom-tailored suits I had made in Vietnam did not fit after 30 days living the good life. The ongoing sandbag filling and moving of artillery ammunition in the heat and humidity of Vietnam stole every spare gram of body weight every day. Celebrating, not working and getting plenty of sleep helped me put on pounds rapidly. I have not been that fit and trim since.

I arrived in Russell, Kansas late August 1969 to 100+ degree days that were a putz; the dry heat felt good. Prior to Vietnam I suffered in days like these, but the dry western Kansas heat no longer seemed extreme. Tay Ninh, Vietnam weather, wet or dry, topped the misery scale. Russell competed with Death Valley and Blythe, California for hottest temperature in America from July to October.

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