Home Sweet Home

The roofs of buildings inside the CIDG camp are visible below the tree line. We did not get inside their camp so had no idea about the local soldiers daily life. Often the soldiers were from isolated “tribes” of groups not considered Vietnamese. Montanyard is the generic term we used for people living nearly stone-age lives in isolated parts of Vietnam and nearby countries. They lived in areas around the road that carried men and supplies from North to South Vietnam. The road started as a trail but grew into a modern transportation system extending further south each month. This route was mostly hidden from air observation and became a specialized target of our war. The US military used every weapon system in our arsenal but the flow continued, at times slowed but traffic never stopped. The war made huge changes in the lives of these isolated people.

The best book about the war over the Ho Chi Minh Trail is “The Blood Road” by John Prados.

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