Dress Uniform

Willie Hicks and Rex Higdon are standing in front of the wood timbers and steel sheeting (PSP) that will become our bunker. We worked deep into the night, but ended up sleeping in a hole under the open sky. Luckily it was dry, or the whole process would have been a lot more difficult. By the next night we had an ammo bunker and our personnel bunker relatively completed, and felt more ready for any kind of attack that the enemy might launch. There was a lot of work details that I got stuck on for a days, involved in digging in one thing or another. It was also about this time that we were getting many night missions, and getting little sleep.

In the second section, Willie Hicks was from St. Petersburg Florida, and Rex Higdon in the foreground, was from St. Augustine Florida. I grew up in Tampa Florida, so our section was mostly Floridians and Latino Californians at this point. As far as I recall, we had all been drafted.

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