Creative Writing

Dave is writing letters home. I tried to write a minimum of 6 per day, always responding to letters from home. Letters did not arrive everyday and it was depressing when we had no mail call. Food filled most packages, and everyone looked to see who got food. Sardines and smoked oysters in flat tins were the most frequently sent treats. A package of them along with Saltine crackers and cheese spread made this day. Packages took 14 or more days to arrive from the USA so most cookies and cakes spoiled en route.

Alternative forms of communication home were voice tape and movie cameras. Tape sent to Vietnam could be played with battery-powered players but film would not get seen. We struggled to keep up with family and social trends so memories of home did not disappear. Mental pictures of my family faded rapidly and in 6 months were gone. No mental image made feeling that I belonged to a family difficult. I requested pictures in letters to restore my memories.

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