Awards For Team Members

The photo is what I believe to be an awards ceremony on or about Sept 5, 1972. This is what remained of MACV Adivsory Team 41 at that date in time. There was quite a bit of discussion in the aftermath of the Easter Offensive (March 30 to June 5, 1972) as to who did what and who should be cited for what brave act or acts. This photo is the conclusion of that discussion when the entire team was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. I am to Col Esplin’s right, fourth man from the far end. I was a 29 year old captain at that time. The tall fellow with glasses to my left is Lt. Leatherman, Infantry, who was an advisor to Kontum District, which was west of the city about ten klicks. The man taking photos is Mr. Tankersly (sic) who was a civilian National Police advisor, and a retired deputy sheriff from Oregon. The short Asian fellow next to the near end is a US Army SFC who is Guamanian. (He often had trouble getting on choppers because the crew viewed him as a Vietnamese or Montagnard). The officer at the far end is a major, but I can’t recall his name, other than he was the senior advisor in Kontum District and was Lt. Leatherman’s boss. The next man is an infantry captain from Tennessee, but I don’t recall his name. The next man with glasses on my right is Captain Frutticher (sic), an artillery officer. Next is myself, then Leatherman, then another captain whose name escapes me, who was the team’s S-1. The man in uniform at the near end is an enlisted man who worked for the S-1 I believe. I do not know who it is with their back to the camera and the striped shirt, and I don’t believe I recognize the officer behind LTC Esplin.

This information was provided by LTC Richard L. Montgomery after he visited this web site.

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