Willard Esplin


The text with these pictures is my reaction as I view the images. I hope someone that knows the area and time, can replace my off the wall comments with relevant remarks. I did not know Wil so I used any remarks he included on picture album pages to title the images.

Chris Woelk



My Cot

Nice View

My Predecessor

Formal Occasion

No Idea

Rice Growing

Office at Lai Khe

Properly Erected

Office Lai Khe Forward HQ 1

Mobile Command Truck

Quan Loi Aug 1966

Stateside Uniform

Swimming Pool

Lawn Service

Temporary Field HQ 1

Touch Football

Temporary Field HQ 2

General Caffein

Temporary Field HQ 4

Good Place to Work

Rubber Trees

Typical Costume

Willard 1

Scout Camp

Willard 2

Spit Shine

Vietnam School Picture

Photographing the Photographer

Graduation 1

Cover Page

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