Roger Scatton


I was a radio operator with B battery 5/2 artillery.dusters in Cu Chi, serving from December 1968 to December 1969. When I wasn`t on radio duty I would volunteer to ride shotgun, drive trucks, or ride one of the dusters escorting the supply convoys to Tay Ninh,and Dau Tieng. Randy Barnes and I shared many days and nights in Vietnam and also shared copies of our pictures so our albums share a few of the same images. —-Thanks to Chris for posting my pictures on his great web site. The site is a tribute to the artillery men and others of the 25th infantry division.



Red Sign

B/W picture

Bunker View

Stay alert

Claymore Complex

Mine not yours

M-60 Machine Gun

Bad locatioin

Bunker Line

Night duty

Guard Duty

Stay low

Make my Day


Long Binh Perimeter

Cow ground attack

Chu Hoi

Safe conduct pass

Main Gate

Ready to work

Radio Bunker

Letter from home

Natural Gas Attack

Navy beans


Clean up day

Big Band




Diet Program


Vietnamese Women

Base camp labor

Duster Compound

Boom boom club


Captain Stiver

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