Road Trips


Most of our moves from FSB to FSB and the movement of supplies from base camp to the fire base were done by convoy on inadequate local roads. Trips involved a single vehicle to many large trucks guarded by tanks and Armored Personnel Carrier’s. Convoy was a mix of fear and excitement, fear of ambush ran high so we should be on high alert at all time. Roadside vendors and prostitutes created excitement that dulled fear. As the convoy traveled from urban to rural areas fear increased and the number of vendors decreased.



Village Ahead

Stay alert

Major Highway

Mosquito central

Pot Hole

Small lake

Irrigation District

Why in English

Laterite Road

Pancake flat

Mixed Use Road

Senic route

Small Village

American aid

Ox Cart

Vietnam speed

Water Buffalo

Boy's work

Move Over

Road warrior


Not today

Road Block

Something for sale

Traffic Jam

War zone

Roadside Market

GI number 1

Ready for Action


FDC Truck

Rolling FDC

Wide Road

On alert

Mobile Artillery

You call, we deliver

Day Trip

Hot day

No Flat Spot

No shade


Going home

Play Nice

Recoilless rifle


Traffic Jam

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