Randy Barnes


Randy died December 2, 2006 and all veterans miss him as he never stopped working for veteran rights and care. He left a large collection of pictures but no words about them so I will fill in as best I can. Randy was a combat medic with an Automatic Weapons Group, Bravo Battery, 5th Batallion, 2nd Artillery, assigned to the 25th Division. We served in the same general area at about the same time (1968-1969) so I can remark on some of the pictures.

I hope someone that served with Randy will find his pictures and put names to faces and places. His is a large collection and includes a 1989 trip to Hanoi, North Vietnam.

3/9/2010 — I named Randys’ pictures over the past 3 days and realize I need to regroup and reorder them. His collection is large and very time intensive to work with so it could be months until they are fixed. Enjoy them now. On April 16, 2011 I have not reorganized his pictures yet.




29 Photos

Base Camp

63 Photos


48 Photos


47 Photos


18 Photos

Moving Sale

72 Photos


62 Photos


24 Photos


36 Photos

Randy's Friends

43 Photos

Road Trips

16 Photos

Vietnamese Buildings

29 Photos

Vietnamese Kids

24 Photos

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