Memorable Events


Fire Support Base Washington awoke early one morning partly surrounded by signs and a large banner, imploring us to leave the country or put down our weapons. No shots were fired in this attack, it was unnerving to have the enemy undetected outside our FSB.

Christmas 1968 was memorable, one of my favorites ever. The weather did not fit and I was not with family but civic organizations in the States and families sent many packages of food, Christmas Trees, letters and other reminders of a normal holiday. Singing Christmas songs as a group with our USO visitors was an emotional reminder of what we left behind to come here.

Bob Kelly going home was memorable because he was the most unique and influential person I knew in Vietnam. (Kelly tied John Clark as the person least changed by their tour of duty in A Battery). His actions forced me to confront my racial prejudice and begin learning to judge people on their actions not their color.



American Women

No Kidding


No Hemmingway

Tar Babes

No Dust

Rocket Man

Nice Tan

Bad Sign

Go Away

Christmas Songs


Cog in the Wheel

Little Cog

Rock & Roll


Christmas Songs

Not in Tune

Joey Bishop

Thank You


Please Stay

Wait for Me

Lone Ranger

So Short

Going Home

Kiss Me

Tippi Hedren

Going Home

Alive & Intact

Big Star

Small Place

Sign Here

Rat Pack

Green Room

Nice Place You Have

Stars Found

Lets Go

Christmas Card

Air Force

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