The sound of a helicopter flashes me back to Vietnam. The sound feels like “vietnam” emotionaly. It demands my attention NOW. All else takes second place. I must see the helicopter, know its type and follow its flight. I will not fly in one!

Mules of War is my title for this album because we depended on them for supplies we got, to haul us place to place, bring massive firepower quickly when we were attacked and take our wounded to a military emergency room. They were the most important military tool the Army used fighting the ground war in Vietnam. The men operating them had balls of steel and courage.



Lunch Guest

Observation tower

Eagle Flight 8

Dust cloud

At Rest

Do not disturb

Damaged Cobra 1

Soft landing

Damaged Cobra 2

Still dangerous

Tree Line

Leaving home

Goodbye 2

Bad smell

Damaged Cobra 3

Repair estimate

Super Hook

CH-54 Skycrane

Damaged Cobra 4

Don't try this at home

Nine to Go

Laterite road

Open Air

Fear of heights

Damaged Cobra 5


Damaged Cobra 6

AAA was closed



Huey Cobra


Headed Home



Huey gunship

Circus Tent

Our mess hall

Photographic Art

Ansel Adams, NOT!

Paper Work

AH-1G Huey Cobra

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