Dave McMahan


Dave McMahan sent these images and I hope will comment on them soon. I am giving the pictures captions until then to make them more understandable.



What Hole?

A Battery in Dau Tieng

New Roof

No Leaks

Party Time

More Soap

First Place Trophy

What is the Contest?

105MM Rounds

Growing Piss Tubes

No Fat

Slim Twins

Aim High

Higher Than That



Beer & Music

Women Wanted

Swimming Hole

No Admission Fee

Flat Tire

Call AAA

Got a Match?

Base Camp

Road Hazard

Tow Truck Needed

Kool-Aid Stand

Help Wanted

Wait for Me

Camera Man

Heavens Gate

Visitors Welcome

Cao Dai

Power in Tay Ninh

Tourist Attraction

Street View


In Thought

Baby Sitter

Hot Work

Rice Paddy

New Rice Crop

Cannon Man


Something Missing



Dave & Anson Smith

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