Daily Grind


We may not have been captured, but we were captive—restricted to a fire support base as our lives dragged along second by second. It was a year’s tour –32,672,800 seconds with no place to go. Instead, we spent those seconds firing our howitzers at different times of day and from different places, never stopping for long. It was 24/7, relentless and mind numbing.

Inside, our little circle of strangers dealt with the pressures of a war zone and the politics and the civil rights and anti-war movements back home, all putting a strain on both individual relationships and group dynamics. With no chance at restful sleep, we existed in a state of near collapse and mental fog, evidenced by what we called the 1,000 yard stare.

That we never had a “shoot out” inside the FSB was amazing, as most men kept 15 rounds in their 20 round M-16 clips, with a round in the chamber, Some left the safety off and carried the rifle with them everywhere. In an instant, an impulse could become an act.



Lost Picture 1

Litght box


Jack Mackrie

Filling Sandbags 2

Get to work




No fly zone


Vic Cooper

Field Kitchen

Vacation destination

Eagle Flight


Once Over

Dan Bounds

Wet Night Ahead

What's new

Shot Card 1

Stand in line


Big bang


Good work soldier

Happy Man


Make my Day

Be happy

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