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VietnamVietnamsoldier.com is a look at life with A Battery, 7/11 artillery, assigned to the 25th Division, from August 1968 to August 1969, from my camera and memories. It does not represent other tours or places in Vietnam and cannot. During my tour we were located in Tay Ninh Province, NW of Saigon about 30 miles, near the Cambodian border, in rice paddy country. We operated from a variety of firebases; some we constructed and others we moved to. The Vietnam War was very different from the north to the south, from 1965 to 1975, and the job of each individual and work of each unit.

The opinions expressed are mine.

Vietnamsoldier.com will grow to show the pictures and stories of other men from A battery, 7/11 artillery, as I locate them.

The Vietnam War was combat in a country located in Southeast Asia. The larger part of the war was the conflict in the USA about our being there and the things we did. It was the most divisive and long lasting war since the our Civil War and emotions over it were and are high. In 2004 as I start this site those divisions are as deep and wide as during the war. The current presidential campaign demonstrates this.

This site will avoid the politics and fights that go on to today and tell the story of the men in my unit looking at our everyday trials of living. If my politics show up on the site I will try to correct this as I want it to be a place of peace and discussion not of argument. It is designed to show people that were not adults at the time of the war, a look at everyday life in my unit. I hope it is interesting to people that served or knew people that did but the language will be for those not familiar with military terms.

I intend that the site grow and change over time so different and new items will be posted making return visits interesting and necessary. Any suggestions for change can be put in the comments section of the guest book but I reserve the right to remove things I consider political and will do that: please be respectful. Each person that served earned the right to tell their story and not be assaulted for what they say. Many sites for argument are on the internet, go there if you want verbal combat.

Chris Woelk

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