Roger Scatton


I was a radio operator with B battery 5/2 artillery.dusters in Cu Chi, serving from December 1968 to December 1969. When I wasn`t on radio duty I would volunteer to ride shotgun, drive trucks, or ride one of the dusters escorting the supply convoys to Tay Ninh,and Dau Tieng. Randy Barnes and I shared many days and nights in Vietnam and also shared copies of our pictures so our albums share a few of the same images. —-Thanks to Chris for posting my pictures on his great web site. The site is a tribute to the artillery men and others of the 25th infantry division.



Gate Home

One year wait

Peanuts in Vietnam

Theatre in Nam?

Red Alert


Sleeping Dogs

Lucky dog

Friendly Fire?

What is friendly about this?

Rocket Damage


Close Call

40mm Damage

Mission Impossible

Kill and make up


Our dog

Formal Dining

Hot food

Quad 50

May 1969

Drainage Issues

Human backhoe

Fill Me Up

Party time

Chinook Down

Call AAA

Gun Boats

Saigon river

Weed Control

Bad idea

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