Moving Sale


Moving sale is for parking pictures until I find a home in the existing albums for each one. I may reorganize all of Randy’s pictures as I have never been satisfied with my current organization. April 16, 2011



Bombed Out

Bad Location

Hard Road


Bridget Security

Good Luck

Rice Farms

Good Crop

Scenic Route

QuickTrip Ahead


Seldom Seen

Needs Weeding

Big Job


Only on Sunday

Sun City

Retirement Community


Hot Day

Noon Formation

Under Dressed

Shopping Center

Money Sink

City Market

Roadside Trash

You #1 GI

Stock Up

Summer Crop

Dry Season Agriculture

MaMa San Uniform

Well Dressed

Viet Cong

Badly Hurt

Fighting Death

Death Took some Hits

Burning Shit

Stir Rapidly

Burnt Out


No Pain Randy

Are You Sure?

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