Moving Sale


Moving sale is for parking pictures until I find a home in the existing albums for each one. I may reorganize all of Randy’s pictures as I have never been satisfied with my current organization. April 16, 2011



No Pain Randy

Are You Sure?



Small Pinch

VD Punishment

Help Needed

Thin is Best

ARVN Outpost

Hard Road

Oil Change

Free Wash

Real Bed

Good Life

Who is Susan?

Eating Well

Cleaning Clips

Be Prepared

Darth Vader

Trick or Treat

Mobile Firepower

Rapid Response

Hidden Surprise

Multiple Weapons

Duster Crew

Mean Machine

Hurry-up and Wait

Limited Seating

Returning to Base

Maintainance Begins

Toll Road

Piasters Only


No Parking


Classic Randy

Slow Leak


Wound Up

Plug It

Risky Business

Short Life Span


Losing Side

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