Max 69-70


Max is a friend that I know to be a Vietnam Veteran. Max does not want his name used for some reason and I will respect that wish. I hope Max will comment on these pictures in the future.



Holiday Inn

Night defensive position

Red Dirt

Dry season

Stay Awake

No joke

Kit Carson Scout

Dirty work

Down Time

Sauna available

Really Stuck

Call AAA

Camp Here?

Bad idea

Rome Plow

Clear the way


Nonstop to Kansas City

Door Gunner

M-60 maintenance

Fresh Supplies

Drop off point

Jungle Cruise

Limited menu

Part 2

Case of the ass

Rest Break

Thanks for not smoking


Short break

Top Hat

Future politician

French House

Farmers daughter

Friend or Foe

Good question

Rubber Plantation

Trojan fruit

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