John Clark


John Clarks Gallery is different in that many pictures have him in them. Who better?



True White Man

Lt. Wriggley

GI Joe’s

New mold needed

Lost & Found

We recycle


No Dust

Hand to Hand

The quick and the dead


Stand-up straight

Refill These

Second life

Big Mouth

Which one

Splash Shield

Sandbag shortage

Foot Rot

Someone smells

Vietnamese Supper

Stay Inside the FSB

Check the Tires


Base Camp

Tay Ninh

Shower Needed

No water

NVA John

Going going native

Holiday Inn Tay Ninh

Reservations needed

4 PM Check In

6 PM check-out

Cool Dudes

Shark attack

Chill Out

Not so cool

Christmas Dinner 1968

The good stuff

Christmas Menu 1

Good book of food

Christmas Menu 2

Let us pray

Rocket Man

122mm rocket

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