Fire Support Base


We operated inside fire support bases with our six 105 mm howitzers. Some bases we built. We also moved to some constructed by others. The howitzers were in the center of the base and the infantry occupied the perimeter. We shot in 360 degrees of the compass (6400 mills in artillery speak) 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Some bases we stayed for 2 days and others for months. No matter how crappy the location it was home. 200′ across (a guess) with 6 105 howitzers set to shoot every direction meant some gun or guns were shooting over others on fire missions. Being under the gun could bust ear drums. (whatever ear part concussion destroys)



105 mm Gun Placement

Gun emplacement

Howitzer Crew

105 mm howitzer

8 Inch Gun

Cris Krumble

Tower View

Looking to Cambodia

Clear Day

Luxury living

Days Work

Rebuilding a bunker


Rice country

Gas & Oil

POL storage


FSB Washington 3


FSB Washington 2

Eat my Dust


Fire Base Overview

Crude home


Very lost

Bad Spot


Home Sweet Home

Not a safe place

Lonely Airstrip

No terminal

Loaded Chinook

Orient Express

Lost Airplane

This is what airport?


Boy Scout camp

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