Dave Van Der Sluis


Dave sent comments on some of his pictures and I have filled in where he did not. Dave was a cook with A Battery, 7/11 Artillery from June 1969 to July 1970. Some pictures were taken during the invasion of Cambodia in May 1970. Some of his pictures show marijuana being smoked. June 1969 to July 1970. 5 months as cook then the battery got 2 real cooks and then went to Gun 5 for 4 months and returned to cook. Basic Fort Ord, recycle, 13A10-AIT,



Powder Bag

Number 1

Base Camp

Good Life

Dry Road

Headed Home

Big City

Hot Times


To Where?


Fill er Up

No Fishing

VC Canal

Frank Lloyd Wright

Home, Sweet, Home

Potable Water

Pure Joy

Peace of Pie


Mess Hall

War Effort

New Medal

Gold Medal Flower

Peace & Love

Starting Fluid

Tough Day

Peace Pipe

Playboy Bunnies 1

Dave's Dream


School Work

FSB Crook

Big Battle

Sign of the Time

Jeff Palmer

New Model

Bad Driver

POL Bunker

Art Romero


Jump Start

Field Cut

Joe The Barber

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