Base Camp


Base Camps were large perminant instillations that conained the combat support services and empty homes of field units. As a battery we spent 3 days in base camp during my 376 day tour and our “rear area” was staffed by a few people. Tay Ninh had a PX, a post office, various medical units and normal support units. Hong Kong and Korean taylors had shops where a sharp custom made suit could be had for $20 to $30 on delivery. A local capitalist opened a steam bath/massage parlor and lines formed for admission. Getting a seam bath in the heat of Vietnam made little sense without the young female Vietnamese massage workers



Fixer Upper

Help needed

Main Gate

Vietnamese arrival

Vietnamese Workers

Point of contact

Base Camp


Base Camp

Tin roof


Big picture

Large Base

Land use


Huey Cobra


CIA airline

Base Camp

Back door entry

Tay Ninh Airport

Point of entry

Old Profession


Mama San


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